World Health Organization
Antimicrobial Resistance
Although antibiotics have contributed greatly to the medical field with the number of diseases it has treated, it's longterm impacts concern the international community, attracting the attention of the WHO committee. With root causes such as overuse of antibiotics, microbes are building up resistance against current medications and it calls for the action of delegations to prevent a humanitarian crisis of vulnerability to these once minor diseases.

The World Health Organization is a branching agency of the United Nations geared towards mitigating global issues surrounding international public health. Established in 1943, the areas that this committee has covered and continues to cover are extensive from nutrition to food security and even substance abuse, while further prioritizing other aspects such as non-communicable diseases.
Isabel Bae
Isabel Bae is a grade 12 student at North Surrey Secondary and is delighted to serve as the Director for the WHO committee at CYDC this year. Although her Model UN career started at a later time of grade 10, she hopes to pursue much more involvement in the upcoming year. Ever since her first conference, Isabel benefitted with many opportunities from the MUN community, from building new connections, to growing more in her identity as a global citizen as she became more aware of international conflicts. With CYDC, she aims to return the same experience for CYDC’s delegates. Aside from MUN, Isabel juggles many of her other dedications such as business case competitions, volunteering at an animal hospital and holding an executive position in an environmental non-profit organization. Isabel is ecstatic to meet the 2020 CYDC delegates and looks forward to a rather fruitful debate.
Kate Seo
As a senior attending North Surrey Secondary School, Kate is delighted to be serving as the Chair of WHO at CYDCMUN 2020. After attending her first conference two years ago, Kate immediately became captivated by the thrilling political debate, group work and public speaking Model UN offered. Through MUN, she gained knowledge of many world issues, developed valuable skills and met many new people who share the same passion as her. Outside of MUN, Kate can be found attending her synchronized swimming practices, spending way too much time on Netflix, or planning future vacation plans with friends. Kate is looking forward to meeting everyone and creating an exciting conference for all delegates!
Assistant Director
Shirley Zhong
Shirley Zhong is a junior student at Richmond Secondary School in the IB Programme and is elated to serve as the Assistant Director for WHO in CYDCMUN 2019. When Shirley attended her first conference, though nervous and scared, she was fascinated to hear all the various opinions. Model UN has widened her horizon, kept her tract with current issues, brought her long-lasting friendships, and taught her many practical soft skills that helped to shape her today. Aside from attending MUN, Shirley is often found volunteering, spending spare time to watch Chinese dramas and Japanese animes, but mostly, working on piles of IB assignments while half asleep. For Shirley, Model UN had opened a door for her, and now she is thrilled to share her passion and make CYDCMUN also the best experience for all delegates.