United Nations
Security Council
Refugee Crisis
The UNSC is the most powerful arm of the United Nations; its resolutions are binding on all member states. Therefore, it is fitting that the UNSC deals with the toughest and most important problems of the world. Here at CYDCMUN, the UNSC will be a vehicle for both new and experienced delegates alike to display their debate and conflict resolution prowess.

Myanmar has been systematically oppressing and eliminating Rohingya Muslims in alarming numbers, citing terrorism as their justification. Many western nations were quick to label the crisis as genocide. However, not much has been done to stop the onslaught aside from sanctions. It is up to the UNSC at CYDCMUN to come up with a solution.
Aaron Anandji
Aaron is a tired senior at Salish Secondary and is delighted to be your director for the UNSC here at CYDCMUN. Despite a late introduction to the world of MUN, Aaron has fostered a taste for intense debate and creative solutions. When not studying calculus with little success, Aaron can be found playing mediocre chess, spending all of his money on expensive clothes, and consuming alarming amounts of bubble tea. Aaron is beside himself with excitement for CYDCMUN and is looking forward to seeing what solutions delegates can put forward in the UNSC.
Cassidy Lee
Currently embarking on her senior year at Little Flower Academy, Cassidy is honoured to serve as the Chair of the United Nations Security Council for this upcoming iteration of CYDCMUN. Ever since starting Model UN two years ago, she has developed a passion for global diplomacy, public policy, and international relations. Not only limited to Vancouver, Cassidy has also delegated at conferences in Honolulu and Madrid. Outside of Model UN, she enjoys capturing photos during portrait shoots, discovering Vancouver’s newest brunch restaurants, and catching the latest sunset. Cassidy eagerly awaits this year’s iteration of CYDCMUN and looks forward to meeting all delegates for a day of pragmatic and progressive debate this coming March.
Assistant Director
Yoonsik Jung
Currently surviving his junior year at Pinetree Secondary School, Yoonsik is elated to be serving as the assistant director of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) at the third iteration of CYDCMUN. After timidly raising his first placard 2 years ago, Yoonsik was instantly captivated by the intriguing world of Model UN; since then, he has not only developed a passion for lively and rigorous debate, international affairs, and current events but also made countless friendships along the way. Outside of the committee room, Yoonsik can be found attending business competitions, watching trending NBA videos on social media, and looking up Chef Ramsay’s recipes, but never actually cooking. He hopes to bring the same experience to the committee and cannot wait to meet all delegates in March!