Justinian The Great's Cabinet
Reconquest of Rome
In the cabinet of Justinian the Great, delegates will be transported back in time to 535 A.D., when the young but ambitious emperor sets his sights on the ultimate symbol of power: Rome. The Roman empire, being the shell of its former self, seeks to restore itself back to the glory days of Augustus Caesar. Despite the prowess of the Roman empire, a few obstacles stand in the way: the barbarians. In this committee, delegates will seek solutions to triumph over the Gothic barbarians and reconquer Rome.
Joey Sun
As a grade 11 student at Meadowridge School, Joey is grateful to be able to serve as the Director for Justinian’s Cabinet. United Nations Humans Rights Council. He first joined Model United Nations out of sheer curiosity but have come to become more involved in the scene. Model United Nations also piqued his interest in politics, causing him to become politically active in the community around him. When not doing academic work, Joey is either stuck in his room reading unusual Wikipedia articles or spending his time with online friends on a Pokémon simulator. Joey wishes the delegates the best of luck and looks forward to sharing an unforgettable experience in CYDCMUN 2020.
Mei Chen Jin
Mei Chen Jin is a senior currently studying at North Surrey Secondary school who is ecstatic to serve as Chair of the Crisis Committee. Having joined the Model UN community recently, she immediately fell in love with the fast-paced debates and diplomacy. And now she wants to spread her passion to other delegates and be apart of that impactful experience. When not writing her position papers at the very last minute, she can be found binge eating at local sushi restaurants, taking an unhealthy number of naps, or adding new additions to her stupendous collection of sneakers. Mei Chen is more than thrilled to welcome all delegates to a day of insightful discussion at CYDCMUN 2020!
Assistant Director
Cynthia Wang
Cynthia is currently a grade 11 student studying at North Surrey Secondary and is extremely honoured to serve as the Assistant Director for CYDCMUN 2020. Cynthia has been involved in Model United Nations for the last three years and has fallen in love with the community ever since. MUN has enabled Cynthia to improve her public speaking skills while gaining valuable friendships. Besides her involvement in MUN, you can find Cynthia drawing on her notebooks, designing school magazines and solving business cases. She is thrilled to meet all the delegates and hopes that CYDCMUN will be an unforgettable conference for everyone.