Meet The Team

Lauryn Lee

Lauryn is a senior attending Gleneagle Secondary School and is honoured to serve as the Secretary-General at CYDCMUN 2020. She started her Model United Nations journey three years ago, afraid of speaking in front of a large crowd, and raising her placard a total of two times throughout the entire conference. Feeling ashamed and regretful, Lauryn vowed to boost her public speaking skills and confidence by speaking at least seven times at every conference. Since then, she started attending numerous conferences in the lower mainland, hoping to achieve her goal. Little did she know that she would become absolutely captivated by MUN. During her spare time, you can find her scrolling through Instagram for hours, cramming last-minute information into her brain before a test, or eating late-night snacks whilst struggling to finish university applications. Lauryn cannot wait to meet this year’s delegates hoping to find their passion in MUN.

Kristen Chen

Kristen Chen stumbled into her first MUN conference near the end of grade 9. It was there that she became mesmerized by the power of persuasion Now she is a rising junior IB student at RE Mountain Secondary. Kristen has debated a wide range of debate styles competitively but she specializes in Canadian National Debate Format and Public Forum. She also has been participating in competitive public speaking since grade 6. MUN has activated an unquenchable pursuit for knowledge and mysticism for the world in which we inhabit. Kristen knows first hand that MUN is a life-changing experience and it is her passion to deliver that opportunity to others. You can find Kristen curled up with a book in any Starbucks and lost in the streets of downtown.

Chief of Staff
Joseph Jung

Joseph is a junior attending Port Moody Secondary School and is excited to serve as the Chief of Staff at CYDCMUN 2020. Since Joseph started his MUN journey in grade 9, he has been captivated by the heated debates and passion of other delegates. Joseph hopes that the delegates at CYDCMUN 2020 will come to share the same passion for Model UN, and meet countless new individuals who share the same kind of devotion. Outside of MUN, you can see Joseph reading through various articles to prep for debate tournaments, taking '5 hour' naps, and sending memes to his friends just to get left on read. Joseph is convinced that CYDCMUN 2020 will be the best one yet and cannot wait to see you all there!

USG of Delegate Affairs
Jason Yang

Jason is a senior at Pacific Academy and is ecstatic to serve as the Under-Secretary-General of Delegate Affairs at CYDCMUN 2020. Jason is easy to find, often stressing at the library over his IB diploma. Whenever he digs his way out of his pile of homework, Jason likes to take marathon-like walks to relax. Having joined the world of Model United Nations in grade 10, Jason was captivated with the intense debate that goes into each topic. Jason looks extremely forward to meeting with everyone at CYDCMUN 2020 and hopes that everyone will learn something new and have a great time.

USG of Committees
Rose Oh

Rose Oh is an ambitious junior at R.E. Mountain Secondary School and ecstatic to serve as the Under-Secretary-General of Committees. She arrived from a massively aggressive environment of studying from South Korea in grade 6 and discovered herself in her first conference a few months later. She was instantly captivated by the merit of the activity. Euphoric enough, Model United Nations allowed her to speak freely to other delegates and gather thoughts to solve an ongoing and obstinate issue. Since then, she continued to immerse herself into the fast-paced discussion, the diplomatic but friendly and funny environment, and the opportunities to engage with numerous relations. This further motivated herself to take initiative and staff at multiple conferences. Outside of the myriad of conferences, Rose tries to desperately survive in the International Baccalaureate program even though she has already fallen victim to the workload, preps for her next debate tournament, enjoy chugging caffeine, and attempts to dance despite her severe inflexibility. Rose sincerely hopes to make the day an unforgettable experience and a significant memory in the hearts of every delegate and staff member.

USG of Marketing
Karina Zhou

Karina is a junior at Semiahmoo Secondary School, and is honored to be serving as the USG of Marketing of CYDCMUN 2020. When Karina attended her first conference in grade 10, she was captivated by the diverse topics and intriguing discussions held during conferences and instantly knew she needed to take part in every way. With every conference she attended, her passion for global affairs and approaching ideas from different perspectives only grew, and soon inspired her to help create the same engaging experience for all youths. In her precious free time as a full IB student, Karina can be found roaming in nature with her camera, painting the walls in her house or curled up with a good book by the fireplace. Karina looks forward to a full day of riveting debate and discussions and wishes all the delegates the most memorable and enjoyable experience at CYDCMUN 2020!

USG of Media & Design
ByeongJun Moon

ByeongJun is a grade 10 student attending Walnut Grove Secondary and is ecstatic to serve as the Under-Secretary-General of Media and Design at CYDCMUN 2020. Since his inception in the world of Model United Nations in Grade 6, ByeongJun has been continuously inspired by the delegates' effort to make an impact in the world. After his involvement in numerous Model United Conference, ByeongJun is excited to join the Secreatariat team for CYDCMUN. In his free time, ByeongJun can be found working on his never-ending English assignments or dealing with the message, “Adobe Premiere Pro CC has stopped working.”. ByeongJun cannot wait to see everyone in CYDCMUN 2020.

Ying Ying Fang

Ying Ying is a sophomore student struggling to survive in Port Moody Secondary and is honoured to serve as the Under-Secretary-General of Information Technology at CYDC. Since entering the riveting world of MUN in Grade 8, she was completely entranced by the compelling resolutions, nuanced debates, engaging discussions and innovative solutions. Experiencing two successive iterations of CYDCMUN as a delegate, Ying Ying is grateful to be part of the Secretariat team. Outside of model united nations, one can find her fretting over debate, coding lessons, public speaking events and business cases. Ying Ying is an avid debater always striving for success and a comedian always striving for laughs. Although her legendary puns may be perceived as PUNishments sometimes, she is dedicated to making this the best iteration of CYDC ever!